Thursday, July 12, 2018

The big news

Forget the World Cup. The biggest footballing news are about the club transfers following the tournament, and the biggest of these was the news that Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Real Madrid to go to Juventus for 105 Mio Euros. Although there had been rumours, it still came as a surprise. Real Madrid has said goodbye to a player that was instrumental in bringing them 3 Champions League in a row, but perhaps wanted to sell him as price was still high for a 33 year old. Also, Ronaldo leaves at a time when Zinedine Zidane has also left, and Real Madrid may be looking to building a renewed side under Julen Lopetegui not so dependent on the Portuguese superstar.
For Juventus it looks like a deal although there have been strikes at the FIAT factories against the deal. They are almost certain to recover the money just on the sale of t-shirts, and although Ronaldo is 33 year old he is still in fantastic shape and has grown into a very intelligent player. He is sure to contribute to making Juventus stronger next year, and perhaps one or two years more.
Ronaldo is an incredibly ambitious player who has won everything there is to win in football (except the FIFA World Cup, but that has not been won my many of the best) in both Real Madrid and Manchester United, as well as with Portugal. Changing to Juventus he goes to another of the world's biggest clubs and is probably going to take a few more trophies before he retires.
Perhaps what will be missed the most with the transfer is the rivalry Ronaldo had with Lionel Messi at FC Barcelona, which always gave a special touch to "El Clasico". Both players were great in their own way in these clashes, but while Messi has always relied on the comfort of his brilliant teammates, Ronaldo has shown that he is a fantastic player in different clubs and in different leagues, making the teams he plays on better, at least as much as they make him good. That alone makes him a greater footballer than Messi.

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