Friday, July 04, 2014

France-Germany in World Cup history

France-Germany are playing today in a World Cup quarterfinal that has all the elements of going over to history. Both teams have proven themselves to be favourites to win the tournament. Both have scored many goals and have shown strength in adversity. Both have proud European nations, with a lot of football tradition, behind them.
This will be the third time they play in a World Cup (Germany as West Germany). In 1958 they played the bronze match, after they had lost to Brazil and Sweden respectively. In a spectacular match France won 6-3, with the legendary Just Fontaine scoring four goals, to complete 13 goals, making him the all-time most scoring player in a tournament.
In 1982 the two sides met again in the World Cup semifinal in a match that is still considered one of the most dramatic of World Cup history. Ordinary time ended 1-1. France went ahead 3-1 in extra time, but the Germany equalized, and went on to win on penalties. The match is also remembered for one of the most disgraceful cases of violence when the German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher viciously attacked Patrick Battiston, who was hospitalized. Schumacher did not even receive a card or a suspension from FIFA.
It was the case of West Germany, the villain, winning and making it to the final.
In 1986 the sides met again in the World Cup semifinal. It was a French side that had played one of the best matches in history in the quarterfinal against Brazil. It was a German side that had defended themselves to the semifinal. It was a German side that won 2-0 destroying the dreams of one of the greatest sides in French football history.

Today both teams will again be making World Cup history.


Unknown said...

Welll Germany was also duly punished in 1982, no chances in the final match with the best Itslian team ever :). But Mr Fanaticod we are expecting a bit more timely posts in this final bit of the Mundial...

El Erik said...

Hi Stefano, sorry, I have been traveling like crazy, enjoying the world cup.
Indeed, in 1982 Italy did the world a favour against the least-likeable team of all time (besides Battiston, the same ones who had cheated Algeria from being the first African side in the next round).

Unknown said...

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