Saturday, August 31, 2013

First time ever I will support Real Madrid

The draw for the 2013-2014 Champions League took place yesterday. Real Madrid ended in Group B with Italian champions Juventus, Galatasaray and the champions of the great Danish league, FC Copenhagen. I sincerely hope Juventus will win the group. However, more notable than that, I have come in a situation where, for the first time in my life, I will be supporting Real Madrid. In the fixtures against FC Copenhagen I will be celebrating each Madrid goal as it were of my own team, just because I want to see Copenhagen crushed.
The Champions League draw looks as follows:

Group A:
Group B:
 Group C:
Group D:
Group E:
Group F:
Group G:
Group H:


Stig Nygaard said...

He he. Man skulle næsten have dig på video. Måske en hangout så man kan følge med i dette mærkværdige øjeblik i dit liv :-)

Erik Cleves Kristensen said...

By the way, the "great Danish league" was meant ironically. I think nobody understands irony any longer without smileys....

Stig Nygaard said...

Nå, den fangede jeg nu godt, selvom jeg vist er en af dem du synes bruger smileys lidt for flittigt :-) :-)

El Erik said...