Thursday, August 21, 2008

The European champions in Copenhagen

Yesterday there were friendly matches all over the world, and Denmark was honoured of hosting the winners of Euro 2008, Spain, in Copenhagen, for the first match the Spanish are playing as holders of the title, as well as with their new coach, Vicente del Bosque.

The match was played in the shadow of the plane-tragedy in Madrid earlier in the day, and much celebration that was to take place was cancelled.

But at least for the Danes, there was not much to celebrate: going into the World Cup 2010 qualifiers in just a couple of weeks, the Danes have to admit that they were completely overrun by a far superior Spanish side. Spain played like champions, yes, but Denmark made it all too easy for them: I have not seen such dominance, away, for a long time, and it must worry the Danes, in spite of it being "only" a friendly match.

Spain won 3-0, on two goals by Xabi Alonso and one by Xavi Hernandez.

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