Monday, August 18, 2008

Being a Brøndby fan....

I am a Brøndby supporter, and I consider Brøndby the best team in Denmark. That said, there are some bad things about supporting Brøndby, primarily the "fans"/hooligans who give the rest of us Brøndby supporters the following reputation:
  • We have never read anything but the label of a beer
  • Our diet is composed of pizza, burgers and cheap beer
  • We have never talked to any woman besides our mothers and the woman selling beer at Aldi
  • If we ever have children, we will name them all Kim Vilfort, even the girls
  • Our geographical abilities are limited to knowing the bus number to the stadium
  • We cut each others hair, and that is why we're all bald skinheads
  • None of us have ever held a job for any longer than until the next match
  • More than a Brøndby victory, we like beating up people
  • Burp, fart, shit, puke...
  • None of us actually know the rules in football...
Sadly for the real Brøndby fans, the vast majority of supporters who dearly love the blue-yellow team, who love football and who know how to behave, there is a small group of Brøndby supporters who for some reason keeps following our team, giving us the above reputation and making trouble like they did yesterday in Århus, after Brøndby lost 2-1 to AGF. Therefore the loss is doubly sad.

Go Brøndby!

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