Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Congratulations to Australia, but...

I am a fan of World Cup history. I love when history traditions largely continue - clashes between former foes, and the games of present and former football giants. I even find this much more important in these times, when the quality of many games in the World Cup's are mediocre to say the least - when the really high quality football is played in the top European and South American leagues.

Because of this, I believe there are some teams who simply belong in the World Cup: Brazil, Germany, England, Italy, Argentina, France, Spain... One of the teams belonging to this exclusive group missed their qualification for the 2006 World Cup today: Uruguay lost on penalty kicks in Sydney to Australia, who will be playing their first World Cup since 1974 (in Germany as well).

The Uruguayans have not always been the most entertaining team in the world. Nevertheless, this little country of 3 million is a giant when it comes to football: World Champions in 1930 and 1950, 10 times participants, and mass producer of great players. The last thing is even valid today, and players such as Alvaro Recoba, Marcelo Zalayeta, Diego Forlán, Darío Rodriguez, Marcelo Sosa and Pablo García will all be missed next summer.

In the end however, it is of course the better team who wins. Australia was better after an intense fight over two matches. They deserve to be in Germany - and are probably the more delighted after the arrogance displayed by the Uruguyan coach Fossati before the match. He should be ashamed of representing such a great football nation.

In any case, a Football Giant will be missed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Erik,
My name is Mauricio and I was just reading your website.

I know the post you did on Australia qualifying in the world cup might be old but I
would like to comment on this topic.

I strongly agree with what you say, Uruguay should of been the ones to go into the
world cup.
I had the honor of being at Telstra Stadium that same night to watch My country play
against Australia. Yes I was born here in Australia, but I feel more Uruguayan than

The last time the socceroos went to Uruguay and got spat on was a disgrace to
Uruguay. I am sick and tired of hearing people say " all Uruguayans are the same..
rough" that is not true. Those few "fans" of Uruguay does not represent how we are.
As I like to say, We are a small country, but we have big hearts.

I admit when both national anthems where played in Sydney I sang both. I found very
rude that people booed during the Uruguayan Anthem. I also blame the creators of
"the Simpsons" to come up with that rude and disgraceful joke " U R GAY"

Fossati should of kept his cool. With what Recoba had said here in Australia that
"it is our devine right to win" well wouldn't every country say the same ?? I have
noticed alot that the australian people have taken what other people have said out
of context.

I am grateful for what Australia has given to me but I am truely ashamed even to be
called Australian after what has happened. The Australian media also had a part in
the rudeness of this country.

To think, in this country, the only sports that are truly followed here are the
Cricket, NRL and AFL.
Every time the world cup comes around everyone seems to remember that there is
another sport... Football, or as Australia likes to call it "Soccer"

Once again, thank you for kind words.

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