Sunday, June 12, 2005

Danish Champions

[Foto: Brøndby] I am back in Denmark, and as I had hoped, in perfect timing to celebrate Brøndby taking "the double". Last night Brøndby were playing at home to Herfølge. With a victory, they would secure the Danish league title, three rounds before the season ended. Michael Laudrup's team left no doubt: Herfølge was dispatched with 7-0.

This was certainly the most amazing way to win the 10th title since 1985 (the last one was in 2002), as well as the double. This is the first coach- championship for Michael Laudrup. He is true to his football style of attacking football, and has made marvels with the Brøndby youngsters. I just hope they will be able to keep him in the team at least one more season.

Skål for Brøndby!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eric. It is nice to be able to follow your web-page with your qualitative assessments. I certainly agree that it is well-deserved that Brøndby wins the double. Let's hope they will make it to the CL. By the way we could go and watch the last BIF game on Sunday 19.06, if you are around. Give me a call (mobile: 22408385).