Thursday, January 20, 2005

Real Madrid's Cup Spell

Real Madrid has not won the Spanish Cup, Copa del Rey, for twelve years. Such has been the meager performance in this tournament, that Spanish press says it must be a spell. Last year they were close, and supposedly should have defeated a modest Zaragoza side, but lost a humilliating defeat in the final - and ended the season without trophies.
While playing with the best in the final last season, the last-16 game against second-division team Valladolid last night was not a display of any starters: only Roberto Carlos -of the usual 11 starters, started on the pitch. What a show of arrogance!

Ironically, thinking it was too big a team, Valladolid also decided to spare some players... And as irony goes in football, 1-1 in Madrid was enough for Valladolid, after tying 0-0 at home.
Real Madrid have been overly optimistic after 2 + seven minutes victories in a row, but in which they have not played well. Where is the optimism after losing to a 2nd Division team?

The spell continues for Real Madrid in the Cup. Maybe for the rest of the season? I have no quarrels saying that I hope so...

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