Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Danes in Spain

As a Dane, I will be happy to see some country-men in my favourite league, the Spanish.
I already watched Jesper Groenkjaer's good debut for Atletico Madrid against Real Madrid, although his good performance was overshadowed by the 'merengues' 3-0 victory.
And now it seems another Dane, Thomas Graversen, is set to change from Everton to Real Madrid. It will certainly not make me support Real Madrid (not even my idol Michael Laudrup could make me do that), but as an objective fan (if I have to be...), I can see that a player like Graversen is probably the kind of dynamo Real Madrid needs on their mid-field. The kind of player they lost when they let Makalele leave for Chelsea.
If Mr. Graversen goes to Madrid though (negotiations are still ongoing), his temper might be an obstacle. He is a tuff guy, with a very strong temper, who sees himself as a natural leader. In a team full of world class players with big ego's, Mr. Graversen might upset a fragile balance!
Can you picture a good fight between Mr. Beckham and Mr. Graversen? It would certainly make Real Madrid into a bigger circus than it already is.

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El Erik said...

And by the way, there seems to be many changes in Real Madrid, as Fernando Morientes has left for good, now to join the many other Spaniards in Liverpool. He will surely be an asset to the Reds, and I certainly think he is a great striker who is wasted by sitting on the Real Madrid bench. He is way too good on that.

And another Danish change: Will Jon Dahl Tomasson, the AC Milan striker, go to Olympique Marseille? Hopefully, as he is also too good to not be playing in an AC Milan with wonderful strikers as Hernan Crespo and Andrij Shevshenko.