Friday, December 31, 2004

Top 10 football teams of 2004

These are my top 10 favourite football teams for 2004:
10) Argentina Olympic team: Olympic champions, deservedly and far ahead of the other teams.
9) Barcelona: A year cut in two season has not given them any titles, but they have risen from a lousy 2003 to become the most exciting team in Europe at the moment, ahead in the Primera Division, and as favourites in the Champions League.
8) Monaco: No titles, but a charming team in the Champions League. A very memorable game was their victory against Real Madrid in the quarterfinals, taking the Southern French all the way to the final.
7) Deportivo Caldas: Surprising winners of the Copa Libertadores, this Colombian side barely lost the Intercontinental final to FC Porto.
6) Chelsea: With Mr. Abramovich spending, they have continued to become better all year, just to rise in this season to the top spot in the Premier League, as well as being very strong in the Champions League. Titles are still missing though, but I do not think for long...
5) Brazil: Can any list like this be without Brazil? This year they won the Copa America, beating Argentina in the final - actually, first time this had ever happened! Also ahead in the South American World Cup qualifiers, makes them an obvious choice for the list
4) Arsenal: Last season by far the strongest team in the Premier League taking the League title, without losing a single match! This made for the undefeated record in the Premier League with 38 matches. However, success in the Champions League has been absent, and they seem to have been surpassed by Chelsea. There is still much left of the season though...
3) Valencia: Same season won the Spanish league and the UEFA cup, to become the best Valencia team ever, as well as the best team in Spain. Have gone a bit down the new season, but continues second in the Primera Division.
2) Greece: A major surprise when they upset everyone to become European Champions. Granted, their style was not exciting, but they did deserve the victory because of their spirited fight, and because in the end, they were the smartest. Have not continued the same though, and might have a hard time qualifying for the world cup.
1) FC Porto: Winners of the Champions League, the intercontinetal cup and the Portuguese league. After the succesful season many stars left the team, including coach Mourinho. Still they continue in the Champions League, with tenacity to defend their title.

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