Wednesday, December 08, 2004

December 7th

I missed the pathetic loss of Valencia at home to Werder Bremen. Why? Because I was following the democratic process in Ghana, by being an observer at the presidential and Parliamentary elections. As the game was starting, I was sitting in a small school in the Volta region. It was dark, hot, full of mosquitos, I was tired, and sitting listening to a guy counting votes for 3 hours.
I could not stop thinking of the game! Today, I see Valencia was pathetic, the team lost without grace, Angulo was shown a red card, and Mr. Ranieri even stated that he understood the attack against referee Anders Frisk in Rome.
This must be time for Mr. Ranieri to be fired. He is destroying a team with proud traditions of team spirit, pride and good football. He was incompetent in Chelsea, and I am tired of him also bringing his negative football to Valencia.

What a lousy day for my 30th birthday.


Stig said...

Hej Erik,
Tillykke med fødselsdagen.
Ses lige pludselig - om ca. 8 uger vil jeg tro.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Angulo has shown himself a great sportsman, and has apologized to all fans and the other team: "Lamento todo lo ocurrido en el terreno de juego, sobre todo las últimas jugadas. El partido fue muy tenso ya que nos jugábamos mucho. De todas formas esto no tiene que servir de excusa por mi comportamiento y quiero pedir disculpas a la afición del Valencia y a todos los que vieron el partido, por una actitud que no fue un ejemplo de deportividad". He basically says he regrets all. It was a tense game, with a lot in stake, but that is no excuse for my behavior, and I want to apologize to all fans of Valencia and all who saw the game, for my bad attitude. He furthermroe said that when carrying the jersey of such a proud team of Valencia, one has a responsibility of sportsmanship, which he did not show.

Great players do not excuse, but admit their mistakes. Apologies accepted, Mr. Angulo.