Thursday, October 14, 2004

Liechtenstein's victory streak and other qualifiers

Just as we thought we had seen it all with Liechtenstein's tie with Portugal, the Liechtensteiners (what is a person from Liechtenstein called anyway?) continued the streak with a 4-0 victory over Luxembourg. At the same time, Andorra also managed their first victory ever by defeating Macedonia. A warning for Netherlands, Czechia, Romania and Finland?
A historical day for both Andorra and Liechtenstein. My congratulations go out to all fans of these two teams, who are hopefully celebrating!
Portugal had something to show after the tie to Liechtenstein, and made Russia suffer with a 7-1 victory. Scotland continued disappointing by tying Moldova 1-1, while some exiting close games also took place: Italy-Belarus 4-3, Wales-Poland 2-3, Croatia-Bulgaria 2-2, and Northern Ireland-Austria 3-3.
Finally, Spain did badly again, although this time they had no referee to help them (like against Belgium last week), and had to settle with a 0-0 draw against Lithuania.

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