Friday, October 01, 2004

Champions League Matchday 2: My team

The champions league has really gotten off to an excellent start, and this second round already showed some memorable games.
AS Roma continued deepening its crisis against a Real Madrid team, that was looking pathetic when down 0-2, but showed that the primadonnas are able to fight back. Maybe this victory will be crucial for Madrid's season.
Other teams continued showing strength: Bayern Munich is looking a strong contender, led by an amazing Roy Maakay, and Manchester United is building up a new strong team with Super-Rooney at the forefront. Chelsea defeated the defending champion from FC Porto, and is looking a strong contender to the title.
Two of the strongest contender to the title, Barcelona and AC Milan, both continued victorious against Shakhtar Donetsk and Celtic respectively. Playing a different kind of football, the next matchday will see these two great teams facing each other, in what could become an early final...
Dynamo Kiev and Lyon both showed that they are teams to be seriously reconned with: Dynamo Kiev defeated the Leverkusen team that had humilliated Real Madrid, while Lyon got an excellent result from the strong home-team Sparta Prague. At the same time as some of the greater teams disappointed: Arsenal only managed to tie in Norway against Rosenborg, and Valencia lost to Werder Bremen.
The CL has started great, and it will be even more excited!

Now, on a more personal account, it was not such a great round. My team in the UEFA Fantasy football, Abruniohene, did rather badly, considering that I had started off quite well. Some of my players scored, like Saviola and Eto'o. Others did fine, like Nedved and Kaká. But all in all, I could not compete with teams who had Luis Figo or Roy Makaay. One player, goalkeeper Rütsu, even got minus points, after the lesson he received against Manchester United.
Oh well, there are many rounds ahead, and victories for Abrunioehene!

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