Sunday, November 12, 2023

Reluctant admiration amid disappointment

 I still consider myself a Valencia fan although the team has over the years gone from disappointment to disappointment. One of these disappointments has been the fan's racism, something that is sadly still too common in Spain. One player who suffered racist attacks in Valencia was Real Madrid's Vinicius Jr.

I certainly supported Valencia against Real Madrid today, and even after Dani Carvajal's early goal for Madrid I hoped that Valencia would equalize, only for Hugo Duro to give us some shameful misses. But Real Madrid were far superior in the end, and a victory of 5-1 was fully deserved, and one could even not help to admire Vinicius Junior who, with two goals, contributed to Valencia's humiliation.

It was a sporting disappointment for a fan like me, but well deserved for Real Madrid in every other respect.

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