Thursday, January 12, 2023

Gareth Bale retiring

 These days players often retire late: see Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Modric, who all continue at top level. It was perhaps a bit surprising, therefore, to see that Gareth Bale has announced his retirement at the tender age of 33. 

After seeing him at the World Cup with Wales it is perhaps not so surprising: he appeared slow and nto as physically strong as he has been before in his career.

Although he had an amazing career where he won titles with Tottenham and Real Madrid: he won five Champions league titles with Real Madrid, and scored many crucial goals. In terms of Wales he also led them to a semifinal in the Euros, as well as to their first World Cup since 1958.

All this said one had the feeling that such a great player was always as bit in the shadow of other great players in his generation, and that perhaps, just perhaps, he did not have the same drive as his peers despite his enormous talents. Could he have a achieved more? (I personally doubt it, but he was an amazing player).

Bale will be missed by many football fans, and surely he will enjoy his retirement!

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