Saturday, September 05, 2020

A good, not a god

I actually feel sorry for Lionel Messi, despite my criticism of his attitude in football. Following the 2-8 humiliation to Bayern Munich he had officially announced his wish to leave FC Barcelona (but appears to be a result not only of that match). 

I have no doubt that Messi loves Barcelona, but at one point in life one has the need to try new things to be happy: Messi does not appear to be happy in a club that he has given everything, but where they seem to treat him as a good (rather than a "god"), with an immense economic value, yes, but not valued as a human with desires and needs. I heard in an interview today that he preferred to stay in Barcelona rather than to take the club to court; I understand that, and that shows him as a man with loyalty; a loyalty that is obviously not returned if the club-leadership, who appears who have acted in really bad faith, insinuates that his leaving can only result in a court case! 

As a football fan Messi will remain one of the best ever, and as he closes down on the end of his career, he certainly deserves a worthy exit, and I feel sorry that he can not get that in Barcelona, including the fascination it would have been to see him play in a different league!

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