Friday, March 02, 2018

Wishing Neymar a speedy recovery

Neymar is injured, and will be missing Paris St. Germain's end of the season. While the Parisians seem to be heading to the French title anyway, Neymar will be sorely missed next week when the Paris sides takes on Real Madrid to try to come back from their 1-3 away defeat. I think a lot of people think that the task will be further uphill for PSG without the skills of Neymar. Me included.
While it does seem that Neymar will be ready for the World Cup, there seem to be some rumours that he will not make it. I have no doubt that they will make everything to get him ready, and I am certain we will see him. But the question is whether he, coming back from an injury, will be the "same" Neymar, expected to do great things.
If he is not, it will indeed be a loss for Brazil and for Football, in that order, so with that, I wish Neymar a speedy recovery!!!!

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