Monday, January 01, 2018

The best

I am not a Liverpool fan, but I have to say that I think Mohamed Salah's stats are amazing and what he has achieved for Liverpool and for Egypt in the past year must awaken respect and admiration, which I have. If he continues on the same style over the coming year, he will probably be among the best in the world
Why not at least, if not better, than Neymar, Messi or Ronaldo? If Liverpool cannot win the Champions League or Premier League without him it is probably because the rest of the team are not up to the task (I always have been of the subjective opinion that one player cannot make a football team; it objectively takes 11): one has to wonder if Liverpool could not win a title with Luis Suarez, whether Mohamed Salah is simply too good for Liverpool...?

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El Erik said...

he deserved the title of African player of the year, although I personally prefer Aubemegyang