Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Old fart's memories

When you can remember something that happened 25 years ago you qualify as an old fart.
I am an old fart now, and I will never forget exactly 25 years ago when Denmark won Euro 1992, in the final against the world champions of Germany.
Every Dane who live then remembers it in his/her own special way that only someone who lived back then will be able to relate to. I was in between countries, a cocky teenager, and in so many ways I remember this as a special year, and this as a special day. Every player from that day has a special place in my memories, and the entire match is something burned into my memory: who I was with and where I watched it and the entire celebration after.
I guess it is a compliment to what football can do; to what football can mean; to what football does; that 25 years after, an old fart like me, having traveled the world, still remember this match as so really special!

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