Sunday, April 17, 2016

Valencia making me happy

It has not been a good season to be a Valencia fan. They are out of the Europa League, far down in La Liga, with no prospect for European football next season. But in all the misery, a 1-2 victory against mighty FC Barcelona in the Camp Nou makes me more than happy!
Valencia CF were more organized than I have seen them at any time during the season, and looked dangerous in their counter-attack. In fact, they had seen Atletico Madrid's recent victory over the Catalans, and played a similar way, and it worked perfectly.
Great teams are measured more by how they face adversity, and in that, FC Barcelona is failing miserably. Not only are they out of the CL, but they have lost three consecutive La Liga matches (first time this happens since 2003). They squad clearly lacks depth, with no options when things go against them.
La Liga is now on fire, with FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid both with 76 points, and Real Madrid with 75.
But I could care less, because I am just delighted that Valencia won!

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Valencia La Liga said...

After Barcelona lost in the last match with 1-2 against Valencia, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid can still hope at winning the championship, because Barcelona has 76 points, Atletico Madrid has 76 points, and Real Madrid has 75 points.