Thursday, March 17, 2016


The Champions League last-16 match between Bayern Munich and Juventus was epic. Both teams showed that the Champions League will be much poorer without one of them, and that both teams, besides superior technical and tactical skills, have stamina and will.
Juventus were splendid as they went ahead 0-2 (just as Bayern had done in Turin, before Juventus equalized), and particularly the second goal, with Morata's run and Cuadrado's cool finish, was fantastic.
But 0-2 down, Bayern Munich are still never beaten, and it took two headers by Lewandowski and Muller, in the last minute of the match, to take the match into extra time.
While cruel indeed to the Italians, it remained an admirable comeback by the Germans.
In extra time the changes of Pep Guardiola made the difference, Thiago Alcantara and Kingsley Coman (who is on loan from Juventus) made it 4-2 and put Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals.
It was the kind of matches that made my day; made my week in my boring life!

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