Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feeling sorry for the top team

A few weeks ago I said that with good results against Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal, Leicester should be considered serious title candidates.
After defeating Liverpool and Manchester City, the Premier League leaders were now facing Arsenal away. Arsenal is under enormous pressure to win the league, and that is perhaps why they appear more as a bunch of arrogant school boys who think they are entitles to the title, than actual champions. In fact Leicester, who despite everything must start to feel the pressure of being leaders, seems much more like a side deserving of the title.
And it all seemed to go Leicester's way when Jamie Vardy scored on a penalty (yes, it was a penalty). Leicester had actually been the better team, with a risky high pressure and more possession. But early in the second half it could have been the pressure that got to Danny Simpson, who received a second red card for a silly grab on Olivier Giroud. With this Arsenal upped their pressure while Leicester defended heroically, but were unable to prevent Theo Walcott's equalizer.
And it was only in the fifth minute of extra time when a returning Danny Welbeck gave the Gunners a new shot at the title. It was also after Leicester had conceded a silly free kick outside their area, and Danny Welbeck got the header.
Leicester are still two points ahead of Arsenal on top of the league. Despite what happened today, I think nobody would have expected this three weeks ago either. But the late defeat to Arsenal could cause Leicester to falter in their faith in the title, and may give Arsenal renewed belief that the can win the title.
I think all neutrals, like myself, would love to see Leicester remain on top, and I did get very disappointed when Danny Welbeck scored!

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