Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Old man Pirlo

It was an epic clash when Juventus defeated Real Madrid 2-1 in the first Champions League semifinal. A fantastic match with interesting tactical moves, it was almost more a chess match between the coaches than a football match. That said, Juventus' Queen was a disappointment: the first time I saw the genius Andrea Pirlo play a poor match, it more than anything saddened me. Any guy my age identifies with Pirlo; a player who has kept at this level because of his brain, first of all, and then his skills, secondly, and lastly because of his physique. Makes guys like me believe that we are still worth something when our bodies turn too old, and we must rely all on brains.
But no, sorry guys, brains is not enough. Every success lies in youth.

I think Real Madrid will have the upper hand in the next match, with what should be a not-wanna-be-defensive Italian side. Only a touch of genius could save Juventus from a complete rout.
A touch of genius from an old man all old men will be cheering on.

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