Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The champions league semifinals

It was great to see Atletico Madrid eliminate FC Barcelona from the Champions League. It would have been perfect if Borussia Dortmund had managed the miracle and and eliminated Real Madrid as well, while Chelsea did well to eliminate Paris St. Germain. In the meantime Bayern Munich were far superior to the poor Manchester United, a team that will not be in the Champions League next season.
The semifinals now look exciting: Atletico Madrid-Chelsea and Real Madrid-Bayern Munich.
Diego Simeone's men should no longer be underestimated at the face a Chelsea side where Jose Mourinho will undoubtedly study the Spanish side in depth and exploit every mistake.
Real Madrid-Bayern Munich is probably the match that most people would have expected to see in the final. Bayern Munich looks like the strongest, and Real Madrid cannot commit mistakes if they are serious about the title. Pep Guardiola knows Real Madrid well, having defeated them many times as Barcelona coach. It will surely be a match to watch!

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