Monday, February 17, 2014


Since I am in Brussels in decided to go into see the Belgian champions Anderlecht play against the bottom-team Mols. Anderlecht seem unlikely to win the Belgian title. Standard Liege have a commanding lead in the first spot, and Anderlecht are currently fighting for second spot against Club Brugge. In today's match Mols played with a massive defense and Anderlecht had difficulty finding inspiration to open the score in what was not an overly exciting match. The US midfielder Sascha Kjelstan opened the score with a header. He was all in all the best player of the Anderlecht side, and also made the assist for the second goal by the young Venezuelan Ronald Vargas (did I not have a good karma for Venezuelan footnball?).
Anderlecht won the obligatory victory, but fans were clearly not happy and gave their side a lot of whistles at the end of the match. It is clearly a crown accustomed to better results and better play, and today Anderlecht seems not to be delivering.
That said, I enjoyed being to a match and having some Belgian beers.

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