Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Schalke 04 rules!

I think that Schalke 04 were probably considered the little guys in this season's Champions League, and not many would have put money on the German side as they were to face Inter Milan in the quarterfinals. But today any lack of respect for this German side that it is virtually impossible to sympathize with should be totally absent.
Schalke 04 destroyed the defending champions of Inter 2-5 in Milan and should have one foot in the semifinals of the Champions League!
Shame on Inter, who played a horrible match; such lack of concentration can only be blamed on underestimating their opponents, and their desperate outbursts are very uncharming.
If you fall, fall like a champion, and not like pretty arrogant boys!

When Real Madrid's Raul changed to Schalke 04, many people criticized him for not changing to a "big" team in one of the better leagues. The German league is outstanding, probably one of the most talented in Europe, and when Raul changed, he knew he was changing into a team where he would be more than a well-paid veteran substitute.
Raul, the great footballer he is, knew and wanted to be playing Champions League football, and this has now taken him very close to the semifinal of the Champions League, something he had not achieved since 2002 with Real Madrid!
But besides Raul, there are many reasons to be delighted about Schalke 04's triumph! A great club and great fans not the least!


Anonymous said...

This is why football is the best sport for spectators - the underdogs have a better chance than in any other sport.

Raul rocks,

El Erik said...

yeah, Raul rocks. Pity he played for Real Madrid all those years...

Anonymous said...


I wonder how Bernabeu would recieve him if he came there with Schalke - probably well.

I guess, he is one of those who will be remembered as a great footballer - no matter which club you like or dislike.

El Erik said...

I agree with your statement: "jeg synes at det vil være allersjovest hvis Raul slår Real i finalen"

That would be the perfect CL!!!