Thursday, January 14, 2010

Barcelona out

Barcelona won everything they participated in last season, but it is now certain that this feat won't be repeated. Last night Sevilla eliminated Barcelona from the Spanish Copa del Rey. Although losing 1-0 in Seville, the Southerners had won 2-1 in Barcelona, and are now ready for the next round.
Barcelona did defend its title feverishly though, and it was only bad luck and extraordinary goalkeeping from Palop that hindered a second goal for Barcelona.
The Catalans are still leading La Liga and in the CL, and it was bound to be difficult to repeat the amazing feat of last season. Still, with last night's result, many will be smelling blood!


Manu said...

barcelona plays better this match that the first one, but palop was superb. anyway, the referee annulled two legal goals by navas which could have decided the tee sooner.

good blog, cheers from nunca podre tener un dinosaurio

El Erik said...

Thanks Manu!
Indeed, Barcelona was much better, and they showed it int he league match later where they truly destroyed Sevilla.
Sevilla can thank Palop for not losing by more, and well, for eliminating Barcelona from the Copa del Rey!