Monday, April 21, 2008

Up and down with Valencia

It is perhaps good I have been away, very far away, to see my dear Valencia stumble, and continue falling. In the end, I was almost giving up looking at the results, as Valencia was losing again and again, and getting threateningly close to the relegation-spots.
Just 4 years ago UEFA and Spanish Champions, and now this...
So it was with happiness I saw that they had made it to the Spanish Cup final, the Copa de Rey, and with more happiness that I saw that they won it, 3-1 against Michael Laudrup's Getafe. Finally, at least a title! This may give the players their faith back, and lead them upwards in the table, and well, next year, again be fighting for the top spots in the Spanish League and a place in the Champions League, where Valencia surely belongs!

But supporting Valencia these days is to live on an emotional rollercoaster: after their Cup-victory, Valencia returned to their nightmarish dance in the Primera División, where they yesterday were thoroughly trashed 5-1 by Athletic de Bilbao.

There is something rotten in Valencia.

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