Monday, June 11, 2007

Lyngby Boldklub

I have great sympathy for Lyngby Boldklub. Firstly, when I was in High School in Birkerod, not far, I often went to their games in their tiny stadium - to eat their delicious sausages in this charming town north of Copenhagen.

They always hosted young talented players, and there have been and are still many of Denmark´s best players that were schooled in Lyngby.

In 2001 the club was forcefully relegated to "Danmarksserien" due to having gone bankrupt. They closed their whole professional office, and returned to being amateurs, but still, with massive talents. Havign ascended through 5 divisions, they are now back in the Superliga where they belong.

Who would have thought!? I did. Back in 2001-2002 I told a friend, who is a die-hard Lyngby fan, that they´d be up again latest by 2010. I was right again. And he didn't believe me, and did bet a crade of beer with me.

Even though I am not watching football I am still earning beers from it!!!!


Stig said...

Well, "ascended through 5 divisions" is a bit exaggerated:

Danmarksserien, 2. division, 1. division (and now superligaen).

El Erik said...

why didnt they ascend before then...?