Monday, July 25, 2005

Michael Essien, Chelsea and Lyon

Michael Essien had a great season with Olympique Lyon. This put the young Ghanaian in the forefront of rumours for bigger clubs. Notably Chelsea has been connected to Mr. Essien. But so far, Olympique Lyon has rejected the offers for the young player. Apparently, the French side wants around 30 Million Euros, well above the offer of 17 Million coming from Chelsea. Is Mr. Essien worth such an amount? It is hard to say, but either Lyon wants to make a lot of money, or they have a great desire to keep Mr. Essien in the team for another successful season. And here, the role of Mr. Essien himself has been rather strange: He has clearly expressed his desire to leave Lyon for Chelsea, even stating that he hopes Chelsea will accept to pay the high amount asked by Lyon.
Is this wise? If he is not sold, his position in the Lyon team next season may be in jeopardy. He would not be motivated to play, while Lyon could surely not have a player not dedicated 100 pct. to the team. If he is sold to Chelsea for the said amount, he would be under enormous pressure to perform well in a club already swamped with super-stars.
While his desire for greater glory in bigger clubs is understandable, he should stay quiet and play his best wherever he is.

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El Erik said...

Now I hear that Mr. Essien has decided to strike.
I understand his frustration if he really wants to leave. But I do not understand his impatience, which may end up wrecking a pormising football career. Lyon is not a bad team - take it for now!!!