Wednesday, March 09, 2005


What a game! The two top teams of Europe in the moment did not disappoint! In a great clash, full of drama, intensity, fight, technique, amazing goalkeeping, controversial refereeing and great goals, Chelsea progressed to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League, after defeating Barcelona 4-2.
But it could have gone to either side. In the first game, Chelsea had to scramble to avoid a defeat larger than 1-2. At home in Stanford Bridge, an early 3-0 lead did not shake an ever-attacking Barcelona side. A dubious penalty and an amazing goal put them temporarily into the second round. Barcelona continued attacking in the second half, but a great Cech in the Chelsea goal showed why he is presently the world's best goalkeeper. And then, Chelsea captain John Terry made the goal which gave Chelsea a part in the quarterfinals.
Only bad things in the game were the pretty bad defending and the ungraceful behaviour by both coaches after the end of the match. If football is not for gentlemen, Mr. Mourinho and Mr. Riijkaard must be prime examples. But don't mind them...
It will be a joy to see Chelsea in the next round. But it is also sad to see such a great attacking team as Barcelona out of the tournament. I would have preferred a final between these two teams.
Congratulations to all Chelsea fans (foremost the super-football fanatic Mr. Abramovich).

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