Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Barcelona-AC Milan: This is football!!!

I have been down about Valencia for some time. In spite of my favourite team facing an early exit from the CL, I have had an injection of joy, from watching Barcelona-Milan. It was almost bound to be a great game: between them, both teams have 11 players nominated for FIFA player of the year. At the same time, both teams represent two different types of football. Some would critizise AC Milan for being boring and defensive; but as I have argued before, defense is also part of football, and what AC Milan displayed yesterday was masterfully skillful defense, a truly poisonous counter-attack, and a great goalkeeper in Dida (which should definetly undemrine the myth of Brazilians being bad goalkeepers).
On the other hand, we have a truly amazing Barcelona height, which has more potential than the Barcelona "Dream Team" of the early 1990's. They love to play, to pass and to entertain. A true joy to watch, and marvelous to see their ability against such a marvelous team as Milan.
In the end, the right team won though: Barcelona. The team that attacked, and which thereby constantly searched for victory. And in the end, this marvelous performance was crowned by Ronaldinho's superb skill.
Thank you Barcelona and Milan!!!

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