Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The dark sides of the World Cup

I am an unapologetic fan of the football World Cup; of the dreams, the matches, the passion, the common love for something so simple among so many.
Sadly, there are also some sides of the World Cup that are, to say the least, horrible. Any football fan or decent person out there should not forget them, but instead scream out against them, because nobody else will.
  • Injustice: The World Cup is a money machine. And while big fat sponsors, FIFA and governments will enjoy luxurious hotels and first class tickets, thousands and thousands will only receive the crumbs of the bastards. The protests in Brazil are no coincidence; an event like the World Cup is bound to exacerbate them. Injustice is real. There are thousands who will not benefit from the extravaganza, and the critics of the World Cup are swept aside, but use art to get their important message out.
  • Violence: outright hooliganism may be on the retreat at an event such as the World Cup in Brazil, but there will be some disgruntled and drunk fans who will get into fights. Also bad fights. More worrying is perhaps the every day violence that affects such a wonderful country as Brazil.
  • Prostitution: A recent article in Huffington Post almost made me cry. And stories of child prostitution increasing during the tournament abound. This is a sad result of the injustice. If FIFA really cared, they would campaign as harshly against prostitution as they do against racism. Oh, but right, it is only women....
  • Nationalism: While World Cup brings people together, it also brings them apart. The World Cup is by now almost the only event during which it is still legit to be overtly nationalist and downgrade other nations. History and wars that have nothing to do with football will be invoked. People who do not know the off-side rule will be crying for their flag. Forget unemployment, poverty, injustice; the greatness of a nations will be defined by 11 guys in shorts kicking a leather ball. In a generation the only reason for countries to exist will be the World Cup.
  • Racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia: Believe me, not just in Brazil, but in the entire world, you will see more of this shit during the World Cup.
Football will not save the world. As a fan I will focus on the football. But always a thought will be with the many people for whom society is not giving a thing, who cannot enjoy the beautiful game, that sadly contributes to the ills of a sick, sick world.


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