Friday, June 20, 2014

Luis Suarez 2-England 1

I watched the England-Uruguay match in a crowded bar in Brussels. The lone Uruguayan present waved his flag as he saw Luis Suarez score twice to sink England to a likely early exit. I spoke with a Liverpool fan who expressed her mixed feelings about this. Luis Suarez is loved in Liverpool, and hated pretty much everywhere else. He did not play the celestes opening opening match against Costa Rica, but proved crucial against England. Uruguay had their back against the world, and played pretty much like they did all of 2010: let the others dominate possession, but Uruguay strike with force in the counter attack. Better teams will know how to win against this, but England was certainly not one of these great teams. While not outright bad, the English seem to lack imagination and pace. One even has a slight feeling that they do not believe in themselves; that the pessimism of English fans and their press has gotten to the players as well. Whatever the case, they have a small hope that Italy will all their matches and that they can beat Costa Rica sufficiently to progress on goal difference. But how England have looked till now, they cannot take a victory against Costa Rica for granted.


Anonymous said...

waow - England out and either Uruguay or Italy out also - what a pleasant surprise.

Quite a good world cup this - plenty of goals and nice unexpected results - this is why football is the greatest game in the world.


Rachel said...


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