Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I am tired of all the misplaced nationalism

I love this world cup. It has a lot of goals, passionate teams, fantastic players, as well as drama and entertainment. That said, I am already sick and tired of all the fans who do not know about football but watch the world cup because it lights some kind of national spirit in them. Apparently these people have nothing else to be proud of their country than eleven guys kicking a ball. They are people from every single country participating. For teams who are doing bad, this is part of a global conspiracy against them, such as Iran, Italy or Uruguay. For teams who are eliminated but see no conspiracy, it becomes a reason not to be proud of their country. For teams who surprise, as Costa Rica or Colombia this is an expression of their countries now being powers. For countries doing well, this is an expression of their "rightful" greatness, like USA, Brazil or Germany.

Most of these idiots who suddenly love football hardly know the off-side rule, and even less about the tactics. They never watch a league match, but just want to stand on their bigoted legs waving their flag in excessive national pride, and for many, much worse, in contempt for other countries; not because of what they do on the football pitch but because it becomes an excuse to express their deep-seated and primitive xenophobic tendencies. "I do not like Argentines!"; "The Germans are evil!"; "I do not support USA because of their foreign policy"; "Russia invaded Ukraine"; "The Africans are all so primitive".... etc. etc.

I hate all these idiots. They are too many. And because of them, the World Cup is not a celebration building bridges between countries, but rather exacerbating stereotypes.

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