Monday, June 16, 2014

Poor Argentina

There is not positive to say about Argentina's 2-1 victory over Bosnia-Hercegovina. Messi scored a nice goal and Romero had good saves. Otherwise both teams were an enormous disappointment. Argentina went on the pitch with a five-man defense, looking as one of those teams who is more afraid to lose than wanting to win. Incredibly, that crowded defense looked shaky and I think a team with better strikers would have had a field day.
Besides his goal, Messi was not really working, and there was no midfield to talk of until Sabella did something sensible and put Gago on the pitch. It improved Argentina a little bit, making them from bad to mediocre. The thousands of Argentina fans in Brazil really do not deserve this.
Bosnia-Hercegovina will be quickly forgotten in this World Cup. Had they had more quality and more passion, they could have done damage.
This was one of the poorest matches of the tournament, and I doubt whether Argentina can get past Nigeria playing like this (I know too little of Iran to give my opinion). The Nigerians will press high in midfield and are unforgiving up front. 
The Rio de la Plata teams (Argentina and Uruguay) are positioning themselves to be the tournament's big disappointments.


acacia said...

Erik....Exciting World Cup isnt it?? Still mourning Spain but getting together in pieces again to the crucial match on Wednesday. We will fight to make it to the second round, whoever we have to play against.

Man, say something about cote d Ivoire in your blog!!!

Enjoy ohhh

El Erik said...

Don't worry, Spain will have no problem in going through. Even if they did, the referees would help them, as a second round without Spain would be as disastrous as Brazil going out.
I have to admit one thing, which is that at 3 AM for Japan-Cote d'Ivoire, I fell asleep...

Unknown said...

Think you are a bit too tough with Argentina. They are warming up and capable to run a lot + Messi. If he does such kind of things once per match it is like playing with handicap for the opponents. I understand your fanatic passion demands more from them but I a seriously think they are not less than Brasil. And better than Itlay, a single runner, Sterling has put our defense under stress.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right. I do expect a lot from Argentina, and perhaps this is just for them to get going. But the cracks were there: a poor tactical first half choice by Sabella and a shaky defense, that nevertheless put on a better display than the attack (notwithstanding Messi's goal). A team cannot rely on "pass the ball to one guy" tactics, which Portugal also showed, so Argentina cannot just rely on momentarious burst of Messi (and indeed, they were momentary. He lost the ball a lot!).