Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 3 of the World Cup: Rome, Italy

The first day of my holidays I arrived in Rome Italy. After food and a rest I found a pub to watch the first match of the day: Colombia-Greece. I was delighted to be among many lively and happy Colombians in a pub, watching with joy (and undeniably a bit of envy) the yellow wave in Belo Horizonte. If anything, people will love the Colombian team because of their fans. And I will gladly and proudly subscribe as one of them.
Colombia won 3-0. 
I then went to a small pub called Druids Den. I was there long time ago, and like the atmosphere. Discussed football both with a Russian and an Ivorian as we watched Costa Rica make one of the first big upsets of the tournament: 3-1 to the Fantas-Ticos over a hugely disappointing Uruguay side. Uruguay were a bit arrogant as they went ahead in the first half without really trying. But the Ticos gave the Uruguayans a footballing lesson in the second half with a wonderfully inspired Joel Campbell, who announced himself as one of the players to watch in the tournament. He was simply incredible.
In the group of death Costa Rica are a serious contender. England and Italy should know that the Ticos will be pushover. Uruguay in the meantime, must improve at everything. It is much more than a question of Luis Suarez. He would have made no difference against Costa Rica.
For the Italy-England match I went to meet some Italian friends at a club called OsClub. A posh place where everyone looked like Andrea Pirlo and Paolo Maldini; goofy guy like me felt a bit out of place there as I ordered a drink with a bartender who seemed to despise me for my appearance. I got there a bit early as a band was playing "we are the champions". It sounded so bad I really wished that Italy would not be champions. 
I asked a friend why nobody was wearing Italy shirts and carrying flags.
"No. It is too early. We do in thi final".
Impossible not to love the Italian confidence and cool. Quite a contrast to the crazy Colombians I had seen earlier!
When the match started the entire house supported Italy of course, including myself. I like Prandelli's approach to football and Pirlo's mastery of the pitch; an orchestra director of football. It was great when Claudio Marchisio brought Italy ahead, but also good to see Raheem Sterling, who made trouble for the Italians, equalize. However, I was delighted to see my favourite enfante terrible bring Italy ahead and finally give them the victory. Super-Mario Balotelli is bound to prove crucial for Italy yet again.
Great footballing day in Rome!


Anonymous said...

I am on my way to Italy today, I am a Tico Fan. I have my flag, sign and heart, looking for a good / lively place to watch the Costa Rica / Italy game in Rome.
PS. I don't speak Italian but I am working on my gestures.

Unknown said...

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