Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Concacaf success

Mexico played a great second half against a disappointing Croatian side to win 3-1 and make it to the last 16, where they will face the Netherlands in what will, by all accounts, be an exciting match. 
As so often is the case, Mexico has been underestimated, but they are another of the Concacaf success teams of this tournament: Costa Rica has killed the others in the group of death, while the USA are on the verge of qualifying to the next round. This may be the first time we see three Concacaf teams in the  last 16.
With the generally poor showing of Asian sides and mixed showing of the Africans, it should perhaps begin to be considered whether Concacaf deserves a full spot, instead of the half spot being given to them. This was the spot through which Mexico qualified, destroying New Zealand. And see them now.
And who should then be getting a play-off?
UEFA of course!

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