Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life in the group of death

With 0-0 against England Costa Rica has fulfilled the sensation and wins the group of death against three former world champions. That should be the only important news from this group, but of course, the group final between Italy and Uruguay took the headlines, as only one of the sides would survive the group of death.
It was typical Uruguay; they awaited the whole match, letting an inefficient Italy come forward, trusting that the chance would come. Eventually it did, when Diego Godin scored on a corner kick. The same Diego Godin who gave Atletico Madrid the Spanish championship and almost the Champions League. The same Diego Godin who is having the year of his life.
The red card to Marchissio can be discussed. I personally think it was too harsh (yellow would have been enough), but it can be defended. It was nevertheless not the reason Italy were eliminated, although it will be a good excuse in Italian media. Italy were inefficient. They were unconvincing against England, and in reality lost the next round against Costa Rica. And as against Costa Rica, they had the ball more against Uruguay, but without creating chances. They seemed to rely on 0-0, where the Uruguayans wanted Italy to believe in 0-0. This was wrong, and both against Costa Rica and against Uruguay one has the feeling that Italy should have done more, but did not want or were unable to.
That is the reason Italy did not survive the group of death. Anything else are mere excuses.

Two great European nations are going home after not surviving the group of deaths. Costa Rica and Uruguay live on. But only until the next round.

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