Friday, July 08, 2011

Watch out for Costa Rica

Argentina's poor performance has forced the hometeam to be in a situation where they must defeat Costa Rica in their last group match. Since Costa Rica is playing the tournament with an under-22 squad, this may not sound difficult for the Argentinean super-stars, but after having watched Costa Rica take out Bolivia last night, this will surely not be an easy task.
After a first half where Bolivia was in slight control, the Tico youngsters came into full flower in the second half, where they completely controlled the match against a Bolivian side that got increasingly desperate, and ended the match with nine players (and should have been more, as one thug, Rodriguez, should have gotten a red card for outright violence as well). The final result could have been more than 2-0, as the Tico's allowed themselves to miss some great chances, including a penalty.
The best player of the match, Joel Cambell, is a 19-year old to watch: I had never heard about him, but he plays for the big Costa Rican club Saprissa. If yesterday was not a fluke, he is surely a youngster whom many big clubs would be interested in.

Costa Rica now only needs a tie to progress to the next round, while only a victory will work for Argentina in what is set to be a dramatic match! While I greatly sympathise with Costa Rica, I hope that Argentina makes it!

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