Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Batista out

Argentina has one of the most talented group of players in the world, and yet they have done nothing on the national team, and the recent debacle now had its consequences by Sergio Batista being fired as national coach. This is about time; he has been a lousy coach, and Argentina has slid down the world ranking while him coaching them. Next to him, with all his problems and criticism on Diego Maradona (much of which was basically because people didn´t like him, rather than his coaching skills), seems completely misplaced. Maradona was a great coach next to Batista. It seems that Alejandro Sabella is next in line to become coach; it will be interesting to see if he can solve the soap-opera saga that the Argentinean national team has become.

I have five suggestions to what Batista can do next:
  • Become a football journalist for News of the World
  • Clean Julio Grondona's swimming pool
  • Spend all the time in the barber's saloon
  • Sign up for a reality show
  • Coach Paraguay

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