Monday, July 25, 2011

Uruguay champion

In the last World Cup, Uruguay made it to the semifinals as the best South American side. They have now sealed their status as the best side on the continent by winning the 2011 Copa América. It wasn't that they were brilliant, but they were simply the most intelligent and consistent side of the tournament, and in the final there was never doubt about the result as the Uruguayans destroyed the lousy Paraguayan side 3-0. Luis Suárez scored the first goal (and was made MVP of the entire tournament) while Diego Forlán ended his dry scoring spell (he has not scored on the national team since the World Cup) by scoring Uruguay´s last two goals.
Paraguay... they were as pathetic as they have been trhoughout the tournament, where they have relied on luck to make it so far. It is sad for South American football that such a side, playing the most negative football one can imagine, makes it so far, and we should thank Uruguay for sticking a few goals up theirs.

It has nevertheless been a disappointing tournament for football fans in general. Few goals, very tactical games, and not enough of the technical brilliance that should characterize South American football. The two greats, Argentina and Brazil, were enormous disappointments, and both teams should look at themselves to find out what is wrong. Colombia and Chile could not performa when it counted, while the positives were Perú and Venezuela, two smaller footballing nations who will go into the World Cup qualifiers with renewed hopes and strong confident sides. Uruguay will remain favourites; they have an incredibly stable side, and very strong youth sides, so the future looks bright for the best team in South America.


Caraquista said...

Well i guess Uruguay deserved that Cup, anyway they did what they had to do...The tournament was not very interesting, it was kind of boring actually, la Copa América 2007 (in Venezuela) was better it needed a Vinotinto like todays one. I know they are not the best but they play better, they need to work on some aspects of their game and stay mentally strong. And I repeat and will always repeat PARAGUAY sucks, they definitely play horrible, the only thing good during the final match was that Uruguay didn't miss their chances like Venezuela, but Paraguay....its like Uruguayans played alone..

Erik Cleves Kristensen said...

Ha ha! Indeed, Paraguay are like a bunch of pieces of obstacles on the pitch!!!

Russ said...

I guess in Paraguay's defence their best attacking players all picked up injuries and so couldn't play in the final, but still they were pretty negative!

Congrats to Uruguay!