Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Football tears

I am a MAN, and men don't cry.
Unless it is football of course.
As the last times disappointments pass, although leaving a scar, it leads me to reflect about times when football has, if not made me cry, at least made me so fucking depressed that I swore never to watch football again.
Mostly until the following match…

In no particular order of depression:

1. Denmark_Spain, 1986: I remember this as the very first game where I cried, the greatest Danish side lost 1-5 to a mediocre Spain...
2. Denmark-Spain, 1993: the defending European champions did not qualify to the 1994 World Cup after losing 1-0 on a lame goal to a lame Spanish side.
3. Norway-Brazil, 1998: I could not accept that the greatest footballing nation on Earth lost to a Norwegian side that played as exciting as watching paint dry.
4. Brondy-Widzew Lodz, 1996: To qualify for the Champions League Brondby had lost the Poles 2-1 away. Leading 3-0 at home, it all seemed sure, but it ended 3-2…
5. Brondby-Roma, 1991: Rudi Volley scored a late winner for Roma to deny Brondby a place un the UEFA Cup final.
6. Valencia-Real Madrid, 2000: Real Madrid won 3-0 in the CL final in one of the saddest days of my life.
7. Valencia-Bayern Munich 2001: A devastating penalty shootout gave Munich the Champions League title.
8. Italy-France, 2006: I was a big Zidane fan, and besides being sad that he ended like that, it was sad to see the Italians win an otherwise great tournament.
9. Ghana-Uruguay, 2010: All I can say is that Ghana should have been the first African semifinalists in a World Cup.
10. Argentina-Uruguay, 2011: Fucking piece of shit...
11. Brondby-Sporting Lisbon, 2010: I actually didn’t watch the matches, but Brondby's away victory had given me hope that they were back in Europe, only to be shattered one week later.
12. Argentina-Cameroon 1990: It wasn't the loss itself, but it was the rejoicing of everyone at the time who seemed to hate Argentina, and not thinking that Cameroon had played extremely violent.
13. Argentina-England, 2002: Argentina lost 0-1 to its European arch-rivals, and was out of the World Cup.
14. Argentina-Netherlands, 1998: In spite of a great Dennis Bergkamp loss, I felt Argentina should have made it further.
15. Denmark-Brazil, 1998: If Norway could beat Brazil, Denmark surely should have in this World Cup quarterfinal; they played great, but lost 2-3…

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