Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The first round of the Copa América

Since I was travelling, I missed the surprise opening match of the Copa América, where Argentina were unable to defeat a well-playing Bolivian side.
However, I was able to watch other matches in this tournament that has, until now, shown that South American football is currently home to some extremely strong and talented national teams.
Although without many goals, the matches have been technically and tactically excellent. Another of the favourites, Uruguay, only managed 1-1 with a Perú side missing its biggest stars, while Chile struggled to win 2-1 against a Mexican youth side. But the biggest surprise, to my personal delight (not least because I have heard so many Venezuelans themselves speak so lowly of their national team, which, in my expert opinion, deserves much better from its football-ignoring compatriots), was Venezuela's 0-0 against Brazil. The Venezuelans fought hard and played with enormous tactical discipline against a Brazilian side that remain favourites, but will have to display some more creativity in attack to open up defenses that are bound to play like Venezuela did.
There are surely to be some more excellent matches, and I surely look forward to see the "Vinotinto" for their next match!


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