Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Europe 2-Africa 0

Today's two matches saw clashes between two European powers and the two remaining African teams in the tournament. Sad for Africa, both African sides were eliminated. But they can leave with their heads held up high.
Nigeria played well against France, who steadily worked themselves into the match and capitalized on their big chances only in the end with a 2-0 victory. This is not the last we will see of this Nigeria side, although coach Stephen Keshi has just announced that he will leave. But if Nigeria manage to build on what Mr. Keshi has built, Nigeria will continue to steadily improve and take over its rightful position as one of the football powers of the world.

Germany had much more trouble defeating a brave Algerian side that fought their hearts out. It was impossible not to support them. It was also incredible that the first 90 minutes ended 0-0, as the match had many chances, but also two outstanding goalkeepers. In extra time it was clearly Germany who had more energy. Andre Schurrle made it 1-0 on a heel goal that was a clever combination of brilliance and luck. Mesut Ozil made it 2-0 in the last minute before Algeria got one up in the final second of the match.
The Algerians were understandably disappointed, but they have given fans a great world cup.

Germany and France will make one quarterfinal, so at least one European side will be in the semifinals. With Netherlands also as favourites to go through, and Belgium and Switzerland both with good chances, it does look that this will be a European World Cup, yet again. At least Europe beat Africa today.


Anonymous said...

hi E

you could also write:
group winner 6 - group runner up 0

lets see if Argentina and Belgium can complete the field today - I think so


El Erik said...

But I like those regional duels more!!
I very much doubt Argentina can do it.
Belgium, indeed, although they have weaknesses that USA could take advantage of!