Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Belgium-USA, 1930

Belgium and USA have played a World Cup match before: in 1930, at the very first World Cup. USA won 3-0. One of the goals was scored by Bert Patenaude, the first player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup (against Paraguay).
USA made it to the semifinals.
Can something similar happen today...?

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Anonymous said...

USA have conceded goals in all games until now - one of only two teams among the last sixten (the other being Algeria) not being able to have just one clean-shet in the group stage.
So "3-0" to the USA seems unlikely.
Belgium will win 1-0, as Belgium have a hard time scoring (they seems to try copying Spain way to the title in '10).

Both Argentina and Switzerland has had a clean-shet game until now. Switzerland has at least scored twice in the games until now, so Argentina have to score three :-)
Probably this means that the ordinary time will end 0 - 0.

exciting matches ahead - skål