Sunday, April 26, 2009

Will Barcelona win...?

I was delighted that Valencia managed to get a 2-2 tie with seemingly mighty Barcelona. Valencia fought and played with heart, and they may be cementing their position to play the next season's Champions League, more so as Sevilla lost to Real Madrid, and Valencia is now eyeing the 3rd place.
Now 4 point separate Barcelona and Real Madrid, and next weekend is the clash that can decide the Spanish championship. Barcelona is looking awesome, but I am not so sure: Barcelona is a looking more like a team of humour-players, who play exceptionally when things are going for them (against easy opponents) but may not be looking too strong when they are actually facing opposition.
In spite of my personal antipathies, I must admit that Real Madrid plays with spirit and heart, and I am certain they will put all their spirit into the Barcelona match. At the same time, Barcelona is facing two crucial matches this week: on Tuesday in the Champions League against Chelsea, and then the Real Madrid match. These will not be easy matches, and they will prove whether the current Barcelona side under Guardiola is really a new "Dream team", or whether they are just a bubble of good football but without the spirit to fight and win.
I am not sure where I rate them, but I definetly see the danger that they may not be as good as any football fan (surely myself) would surely like them to be.

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