Thursday, April 09, 2009

Champions League quarterfinals

The first leg of the Champions League 2008-09 quarterfinals were interesting matches which I greatly enjoyed watching over beers in pubs in Copenhagen:
  • Manchester United-FC Porto: FC Porto has done it before, and may be well on the way to repeating the feat of eliminating Manchester United, and proving yet again that they are a team that should never be underestimated. They played a great match, and 2-2 may be a great result as they play in Oporto for the next match, where Manchester United will be forced to win, something they have never done before!
  • Villarreal-Arsenal: I was a bit disappointed of Villarreal, who didn't really manage to control the match despite the early lead and home advantage. 1-1 is a fair result, and puts Arsenal in a good position before the match in London. The two goals of the match were splendid, in particular Adebayor's bicycle kick!
  • FC Barcelona-Bayern Munich: After losing 5-1 in the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich suffered another heavy defeat in the hands of FC Barcelona, who in particular in the first half seemed to be running over the Germans when leading 4-0. FC Barcelona somewhat relaxed in the second half, but the most surprising thing in such a match is seeing the difference in quality between two teams in the Champions League.
  • Liverpool-Chelsea: Liverpool has looked awesome lately, but had their hands full against a Chelsea side that has found itself under Guus Hiddink. Chelsea deservedly won 1-3 and have one foot in the semifinal, and increasingly look like the team to beat! Liverpool on the other hand can come back to planet earth and concentrate on the Premier League!

I personally feel the dream final will be Barcelona against Chelsea!

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