Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pepe the kicking hooligan

Last nights match between Real Madrid and Getafe in the Spanish first division had a spectacular ending: five minutes before the end of the match Real Madrid equalized to 2-2 by Guti, before Getafe was given a penalty, which they missed, and then Gonzalo Higuaín scored a spectacular winner so that Real Madrid is still pushing FC Barcelona for the Spanish championship.
In spite of this incredible ending of the match, the penalty given to Getafe (which Casquero nevertheless quite pathetically missed) was a disgrace for football in every sense of the word. Firstly, it is clear that Casquero dives, and that Pepe hardly touches him, so there is no penalty for that infraction. But an even greater disgrace (and maybe one can say that is when the penalty is given?) is the Portuguese defenders reaction as he performs a violent and crazy kick on the player lying down.
Even as pathetic is Real Madrid coach Juande Ramos, defending Pepe by saying he was frustrated and desperate at the penalty. Well, there was no penalty indeed, but that doesn't justify the reaction! Hooligans are usually people who are desperate and sad at their team having lost; that doesn't justify their violent acts!

I don't know, but when people attack someone in such a way, they are usually indicted - we all know any hooligan would get indicted, and Mr. Pepe has just inscribed himself as a top-hooligan; a disgrace for football.
I hope Pepe is banned for a billion matches.

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