Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just like last season, Chelsea proved to be the last stop for Liverpool in the Champions League campaign, but after an exciting match that ended with the most extraordinary result of 4-4! Any match that ends 4-4 is entertaining and intense, specially in the face of a spirited Liverpool side that seemed as always to be coming back against impossible odds. Also, the spirit and physical strength the players from both teams showed was simply extraordinary.

In this sense, it was an extraordinary match.

Nevertheless, a serious football fan should also notice that the game was charactrized by an overwhelming amount of pretty simple mistakes, and that the Chelsea side in particular in the first half seemed very nervous and/or unmotivated. In that sense, it was a strange match, as one is not used to seeing these types of mistakes at this level.

But that is the beauty of football: sometimes these things happen, even to the best of teams, and you end up having a match like we had last night.

Chelsea will now be facing FC Barcelona, whose semifinal never looked in doubt, and managed a 1-1 in Munich against Bayern.
Chelsea against Barcelona has all the ingredients to be an extraordinary match.

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